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Permanent Hair Reduction

The laser produces a concentrated beam of light. The light is then absorbed by the pigment in the follicle. This heats up the follicle making it so the hair can no longer grow. This process is quick and effective making it ideal for large areas. Don't  waste your time fighting a losing battle against unwanted hair.Instead, let a  trained professional take care of it for you. After only a few sessions you can have the soft ,smooth skin you've always wanted.


Permanent Hair Removal

This process is perfect for small areas and for those who are not a candidate for laser hair removal (blonde, gray, or white hair that are not affected by the laser) A tiny disposable sterile filament is inserted into each follicle. A small amount of heat is created in the follicle making it so the  hair can no longer grow. Electrolysis is not an overnight sensation. It requires a series of treatments to achieve permanency due to many factors  such as  growth cycles, the quantity, and structure of the hair ,previous methods used,heredity,hormonal changes,medication, and even stress!


Temporary Hair Removal

This  treatment is for those who are not yet ready to commit to permanent hair removal. A warm wax is spread over the area to be treated.It is then removed with a muslin cloth by the root. a calming cream is then applied to the skin leaving your skin silky smooth..


Temporary Hair Removal

Made of only sugar, lemon and water this paste is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and who are looking for a natural alternative. The sugar paste is molded into the skin allowing it to seep into the follicle for a more comfortable and complete extraction. The paste is then easily washed away with water after the treatment leaving the skin feeling clean and smooth. One less thing to worry about!

Signature K Facial

by Katelyn

 A customized facial that focuses on improving the appearance and texture of your skin by cleansing, exfoliation and removing impurities.Includes hot stones and essential oils. This facial will bring you peace, relaxation and results!


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Chemical peels

Glycolic/Lactic Peel

Combined glycolic and lactic acids work synergistically to exfoliate the skin while reducing irritation and redness. This SkinCeuticals peel is best for damaged, rough, dry, and aging skin. 30 minute treatment includes deep cleansing, toning, peel, hand and arm massage, and sunscreen application