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What to expect your first time at Epilation hair removal? 

Your initial visit you will fill out a health history form. A thorough explanation of the service you request will be given and any questions you have answered. We will then do an assessment of the area to be treated and discuss a plan that works best for you.

What areas can be treated?

Unwanted hair can be removed form almost anywhere temporarily or permanently.

Women: upper lip, chin, face, brows, abdomen, breasts, bikini, brazilian, back, legs, feet,, underarms anrms even the nose.
Men:back, chest, brows, hairline, beard, neck,outer ears and nose.

Does Laser hair removal hurt?

Chances are you have tried other hair removal methods before looking into laser hair removal like waxing, sugaring, or even tweezing. All of these treatments like laser hair removal have some degree of discomfort. The Lumenis light sheer that is used has a cooling tip that lowers the temperature of the skin to give you a more comfortable experience. Clients have said "It feels like a pinch, but once you have finished it feels like nothing was done. During the consultation, you will receive ( if you wish) a patch test so you can experience it for yourself and see if its within your comfort level.

Will Laser hair removal work on anyone?

Laser hair removal will not work on gray,white blond or red hair follicles. Also, women with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) will not have the results they want without medical support along with their treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

Due to the staggering hair growth cycles, some hairs are actively growing while others lie dormant Although treatments vary from person to person laser hair removal requires approximately 6-8 treatments to catch the hair in the "active" growing stage 4-8 weeks apart.

How do I prepare for laser treatments?

If you are waxing it is important to avoid waxing for at least six weeks before your first treatment. This also applies to tweezing. Only shaving should be used between treatments.
  • You must stay out of the sun. Tanning can cause pigmentation after the use of the laser.
  • Please let the hair grow a few days before your consultation. It is important to see the amount of growth and thickness of the hair to determine the settings for your treatment. A small area will be shaved by your technician after the consultation for a patch test.

Is Electrolysis painful? 

The sensation you get with electrolysis is a quick warmth. Some areas will be more sensitive than others. You may also experience sensitivity at certain times of the month. Products will be recommended that can help you feel more comfortable. Clients have also noticed taking whatever they would take for a headache 30 min before their treatment lessens their sensitivity.

What will my skin look like after? 

After your treatment your skin will be slightly red and/or bumpy. this is normal and will last up to a few hours.

How do I know the needles (filaments) are safe? 

New, pre-sterilized disposable filiments are used for each treatment Sterility is a major concern.

How long do I wait after shaving to get a wax?

At least a week depending how fast your hair grows.Plan ahead and get at least two wax/sugars in before an event. This way you will know how your skin reacts.After your second wax the results will be better and you wont be uncomfortable for your special event.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

An ingrown hair is just the dead skin that is not sloughed off making it impossible for the hair to come through. Waxing or sugaring will help with this because they both will exfoliate the skin. Removing the hair through electrolysis or laser eliminate this problem completely.

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